Lydia is a successful lawyer dealing with the horror of her daughter’s alleged suicide. Refusing to believe Asya chose to kill herself, Lydia embarks on a journey of discovery enlisting the help from advocacy groups, IT specialists and families dealing with similar tragedies. This TV series showcases how parents can navigate through their children’s crises…what to look for, how to intervene, how to cope and how to instill the belief that life is worth living.

Russian premiere: Omsk Film Festival “Dvijenie”, 2018

Format: TV series pilot

Genre: criminal drama

Director: Angelina Nikonova

DOP: Dmitry Makoveev, Kirill Gerra

Script: Anna Anosova, Larisa Leonenko

Cast: Oksana Fandera, Victoria Tolstoganova, Sergey Gorobchenko, Anton Batyrev, Vladimir Mishukov, Kristina Babushkina

Produced by Art Pictures for online film theater Start (Russia)