Landing a job following a stint in drug rehab, Madison finds herself taking care of an elderly woman in an old, run-down house on the far outskirts of town. This job is not just about earning a living; it’s also a way to prove to the authorities that her drug addictions are a thing of the past. However, when strange and gruesome events start occurring in the house, Madison begins questioning her own mental health. This is a story of old Native American curses, the retribution of evil, and dealing with the sins of the past. Nishkinata means “white eyes” in a Native American dialect.

Status: post-production

Format: narrative feature film

Genre: horror

Director: Angelina Nikonova

DOP: Gorka Gomez Andreu

Script: Angelina Nikonova

Cast: Jim Gleason, Neela Howard, Ann Smith

Produced by Twelve Productions (USA)