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Saint Petersburg, 1985. Nikolay Andronov is a high-powered attorney who has never lost a single case. His friends, Victor and Mikhail, are also brilliant lawyers. Inside the courtroom, the three friends individually demonstrate the theatrical skills needed to present, cajole, convince and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the innocence of their clients. Outside the courtroom, their skills are tested when it becomes necessary to sacrifice themselves in order to save another.

TV premiere: NTV channel, 2019

Format: TV series, 10 episodes

Genre: period melodrama, court drama

Director: Alexandr Baranov, Angelina Nikonova

DOP: Alexey Fyodorov, Ilya Boyko

Script: Dmitry Konstantinov

Cast: Nikita Panfilov, Nikita Efremov, Evgeny Antropov, Yulia Peresild, Anya Chipovskaya, Fyodr Lavrov

Produced by Cosmos Film (Russia)