Pointe Shoes For The Muffin

pointe shoes for the muffin poster
Natasha was a professional ballerina only a few years ago. Now she weighs 90 kilos and her husband calls her “Muffin” …a moniker that not only pokes fun at her weight but harkens to her love of the “Sergeich” brand muffins. One day, Natasha is given the opportunity to teach ballet to children. On her first day of teaching, she meets the owner of “Sergeich” muffins when he comes to collect his daughter from the class. Unexpectantly, she falls in love and eventually faces the dilemma of her long-time marriage and her weight.

TV premiere: TVC channel, 2015

Format: TV series, 4 episodes

Genre: comedy, melodrama

Director: Angelina Nikonova

DOP: Vitaly Konevtsov, Ilya Boyko

Script: Ekaterina Korchemkina, Tatyana Novikova

Cast: Darya Kalmykova, Anton Vasyliev, Prohor Dubravin, Olesya Gheleznyak, Olga Dihovichnaya

Produced by Mars Media (Russia)

Pointe Shoes For The Muffin

The series were nominated for a prestigious TV award “Tefi 2016”